What you have to consider if you want to get yourself a tattoo

What you have to consider if you want to get yourself a tattoo


It doesn't matter if you are new to tattoos or an old veteran. If you want to get a new one, you have to think carefully about the motive and the appropriate spot on your body. It should be well known by now, that a tattoo lasts for a live-time. So you better but in some thought at first. According to that, here are some advice.

Firstly, get inspired. That doesn't mean to copy something you've seen or you happen to like. It is more important that you can connect to the image, relate to it. Be careful if you think about a fancy or funny tattoo like a cute creature or animal. If you still like it in 10 years, can be, at least, questionable. But for sure, at some point, a funny image won't by trendy anymore. Next, if you got some ideas, compare them. Try to nail it down to a few and get some advice at a tattoo studio. Otherwise it is not a good tattoo studio!

Don't let yourself talk into something. You'll have to stick with the tattoo for the rest of your life. Not your friends, not your family or relatives, neither your boy- or girlfriend nor a celebrity. It is you! You have to like the tattoo. Not the other ones.
If you've finally made a decision, don't let other people doubt it. If you put a lot of thought into it and you are definitely sure about it, you can relate to it and you like it, just do it! As mentioned before, you'll have to stick with it. For a life-time.

One more thing. The motive has to suit the spot on your body. Something that looks good on a piece of paper not necessarily does so on your body. It the tattoo is done, you're – obviously – moving you body. Your muscles will bend and therefore your skin will stretch. This can cause a slight distortion and the tattoo may look a bit weird. Again get some advice from an experienced tattoo artist.